Sunday, April 12, 2009

View-Master Stereoscope

Another type of stereoscope is the View-Master. Most of us had these as kids, and our children still play with them today.

View-Masters have been around since 1939. Paper disks (or reels) with seven 3-D images can be seen with these viewing devices. It is now considered a toy, however it was marketed as a viewer to enjoy tourist attractions.

My View-Master is from a local antique shop, and appears to be from the 1950's. I purchased it for $8.00.

The brochure that came with it states that the View-Master Stereoscope is a

"modern adaption of the popular stereoscopic viewer of three generations ago. View-Master Stereoscopes are constructed of metal and sturdy, shock-resistant plastic for long pleasurable service. Lenses are accurately ground and polished. The View-Master Stereoscope is light weight and simple to operate...a flick of the finger changes the scene."

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