Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watkins Stuff: 1917 Almanac

I'm an Independent Watkins Associate, and I enjoy searching for Watkins memorabilia and collectibles. I found this 50th Anniversary Almanac Home Doctor and Cookbook (1917) at the Antique Show and Flea Market at Trader's Market in Elko, MN.

If you're not familiar with Watkins Products
- The J.R. Watkins Medical Company was founded in Plainview, Minnesota in 1868. That same year saw the launch of the first Watkins product - Red Liniment. Read about the history of the company here.

This almanac is a wonderful little publication. It has the typical almanac features - astronomical information, tips on farming and weather forecasts. What is specific to this publication is the depth of information on the Watkins Company and their products. There are a number of great cooking suggestions.

I especially like "The Home Doctor" glossary of medical conditions. For example, BITES OF SNAKES:

"Expose the wound and bandage tightly above to stop circulation partially. Open wound with a sharp knife, cutting outward and lengthwise of the limb. Let the blood run freely. Sucking the wound and spitting out the poison is not so effective. Wash with Watkins Liniment, whiskey or other spirits. Get a physician as quickly as possible."

In 1917 Watkins was celebrating 50 years of progress. On page 62 of the almanac it states:

"With its twenty millions of customers and users of its products, its three thousand salesmen, its immense and complete plant and splendid branch factories and distributing centers, with costly equipment and enormous stocks of materials and finished products and a line of about 110 wonderful products, The J.R. Watkins Medical Company stands as the unchallenged and unapproached leader in its field today. The growth in recent years of the Company's business and a large number of concerns that have copied its methods prove the soundness of its principles and the need for such a service only Watkins can give. Half a century of unique and specialized experience and success has made The J.R. Watkins Medical Company a big force in the business world. It has a past without a stain, a future whose limits only time can tell."

Today Watkins is 141 years old, and has a line of over 350 products. Committed to being America's most trusted natural products company, Watkins adheres strictly to the same quality standard set forth by its founder J.R. Watkins.

(UPDATED: October 13, 2012)

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  1. I have several Watkins cookbooks (1906-1936) Bottles, old sales man case with numerous bottles. Wondering if you might be interested in these items. Will take pictures and label if interested.