Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bobby Bobby Bobby

I've been hanging on to this English Bobby masquerade mask for around 17 or 18 years. I remember getting it when we lived in Pennsylvania. I can't recall where I got it, but no doubt it was an antiques and collectibles shop. The back is stamped with a copyright: "Beachcombers Intl., Fort Myers, Fl." Beachcombers is a leader in the wholesale gift, home decor, and souvenir industry. The photo doesn't show it, but a stick is attached to the mask.

This Bobby marionette was something I found when we vacationed in Bermuda in 1996. We enjoyed a cruise on Celebrity Cruise Line's Zenith ship. Our first port of call was the City of Hamilton. Our first day on land found us at "The Old Cellar," an antique shop off of Front Street.

Here is the bottom of the puppet's foot. As you can see, this little guy cost $8.95. I remember Ed being so happy to know that we could use U.S. currency in Bermuda.

Here is a photo of a "Bobby in the Birdcage," probably the most well known image of Bermuda. I shot this photo when we were walking around Front Street. It's true, the cage does resemble a birdcage, but the "platform from which officers direct traffic at Heyl's Corner was actually named for its designer, Mr. "Dickie" Bird, the then Corporation of Hamilton Engineer (1962)." (From Bermuda Police Services, www.bermudapoliceservice.bm/content/bermuda-police-history-years-transition)

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