Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dancing Finger Doll

Here is an Old Fashioned Dancing Finger Doll. Isn't she a sweet little thing? I think I'll call her Nancy because her "boots are made for walking!"

The package says 'Old Fashion,' and I'm assuming that she is supposed to be from the Victorian era.  This dancing dolly cost $0.60. I found her hanging around Unique Thrift Store, Burnsville, MN.

This finger doll has never been opened, and will remain so.  But I have to tell you - I would love to try those boots on my fingers, and make her wiggle and dance.  

The package reads:

  • A riot of fun for all age groups.  Place the boots on your index and middle fingers and insert them into the two leg holes as illustrated.  By moving your fingers, the Doll will dance, walk, sit, etc.
  • Place fingers through the elastic to prevent item from falling forward.
  • Our version of the antique.
Copyright 1981 Merrimack Publ. Corp., 85 Fifth Ave., N.Y. 10003 No. 70309 Printed in Hong Kong

A price of $1.25 is written on the top right hand corner.  Like many of the products from Merrimack, this was probably sold at a museum or historic site gift shop.   


  1. An online buddy just directed me to your site. A fellow ephemera collector.

    I would imagine this little gem is based on a a commercial advertising doll from the 1890s. I don't have my books at hand to reference her but she looks darn familiar. Good find.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog, and I will have to take a closer look at all the 'goodies' you have posted.