Saturday, October 03, 2009

Paper Dolls of the Middle East

Paper Dolls of the Middle East
to color and cut out
(A Unicef Storycraft Book)
by Penelope Williams
New York: Collins + World Pub. Co., 1978
ISBN: 0-529-05433-7

One of the things I enjoy about this blog is being about to share stories of my life while sharing stories of my junk.

Here is a paper doll book I got from eBay around eight years ago.  It was of interest to me because my paternal grandparents came to the U.S. from Lebanon in the late 19th century.  Like many Lebanese immigrants, my grandfather Solomon A. Barket started work as a peddler, and eventually started a hosiery factory.  You can read a short biography of him here.  My father, Arnold, was the seventh of eight children, and by the time he was 16 years of age, both of his parents had died.  I would have loved to have known them, and to have learned more about our family and the Lebanese Culture. 

Now - back to this paper doll book.  It is a collection of paper dolls clad in native costumes representing several countries of the Middle East.  The condition of the book is poor, as the cover and pages have been bent and dog-eared.  To follow are a few pages from the book.  It is fascinating to see the traditional costumes of the Middle East. 

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