Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pop-up Book: Harley Davidson

I fell in love with movable books back in the early 1970's. As an elementary school student I first learned of pop-up books at the school book fair. I recall being amazement at the mechanics of the books, and at the way the images jumped right out at me.
However, the only book I purchased that day was HAPPINESS IS A WARM PUPPY, by Charles Schultz. The pop-up books were picked over by the time I got to that table. I was very disappointed, to say the least.
That book fair sparked my interest in pop-up books, and over the past ten years I have found some interesting movable books.  All of the books in my collection are secondhand finds.  

Here are a few photos of a pop-up book about Harley-Davidson. I found it at Savers Thrift Store.

Harley Davidson: A Three-dimensional Tribute to an American Icon. 

By Jerry Hatfield and Dawn Bentley. Jim Deesing, designer. Rodger Smith, paper engineer. Made in China. Santa Monica, California, Pop-up Press, 1998.

Description: 10 pages. 33 x 28 cm. A pop-up book which includes two detachable booklets: “Restoration of Serial Number One”on spread one and “Harley Davidson Accessories”on the final spread. The later is a sheet of press-out parts to customize a 1998 XL 1200S Sportster. Five large, double-page pop-ups with additional smaller pop-ups under gatefolds. ISBN: 1581170130. OCLC:

The history of Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the subject of the first two pages. 

There is a Harley-Davidson emblem, and a few pop-ups on pages one and two.  Walter Davidson is pictured with his motorcycle in the background, and the 1997 Heritage Springer Softail is featured in the foreground.

'Growth and Expansion,' and 'The Touring Revolution' are the focus of pages three and four.  The motorcycle in the foreground is a 1936 EL.

The yellow motorcycle is a 1954 FLF, and Elvis waves in the background.  That is how he appeared on the cover of the May 1956 Enthusiast. Pages five and six feature 'Service Vehicles' and 'The Thrill of Speed,' while pages seven and eight focus on 'H.O.G. Heaven' and 'Rallies.'

Here is a close up of a 1997 Heritage Softail (pages nine and ten). There is a great amount of detail.

The book ends on pages nine and ten with 'Evolution' and 'Looking Ahead.'

The front cover is scratched a bit, and the spine was bumped at the top, but overall it is a nice book. All of the pages are clean, and all of the pop-up mechanisms are intact. 

Check out the website for The Movable Book Society


  1. Have you ever heard of Nick Bantock? Google him up. He got started in the book business doing pop-up books, and they are very collectible.

    Great post!

  2. No, I haven't heard of him, but I will look him up on Google. Thanks for the tip, and for the kudos!