Monday, November 02, 2009

Postcard: Hearty Greeting

This black and white postcard was published by Schlesinger Bros. (New York) in 1912.  "  

Tulips are displayed in the foreground of the card, with a scene of a Dutch windmill in the background (see close-up below). The card reads, "HOW MANY HEARTS WITH THEE COMPARE, AS THE BLOSSOM SO SWEET, SO PURE, BE EVER WITH THEE FROM YEAR TO YEAR."  

The postcard was used as a Mother's Day Card by the sender.  Dated May 14, 1916, it reads:

"Dear Mother, Today is Mothers' Day all over the United States so I send you a box of candy as a remembrance of it.  Your Loving Son Edward"  
Edward and his mother, Mrs. John Schlido (or perhaps Schlida) were from Vergas, MN.

It appears that both son and mother were from Vergas.  It is neat to think about what life was like for the two of them back then. Did Edward do anything else for his mother beside this card and a box of candy?  Did people make a huge fuss over Mother's Day like we do today?  Edward's words to his mother are so formal.  Was that the practice of the day, or does it say something about their relationship?  We'll never know...
One last thing...

I've lived in Minnesota for over 12 years now, but I've never been to Vergas. I checked out the city's website, and I discovered that Vergas is known as the "Home of the World's Largest Loon" (the Minnesota State Bird).  There is a giant 20 foot replica of the State Bird erected on the shore of Long Lake, in the of City Park.

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