Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hair Net: Lorraine # 25

"There is a Lorraine net for every purpose!"

Over the past year, I've found a few hair net packages at estate sales and thrift stores.  I can't recall if I've ever worn a hair net, but I do remember my mother and grandmother having them.
This gal looks like "the cat that ate the canary!"  Her smug smile and telling eyes make us want to be in on the secrets that she keeps.  

This is the Lorraine INVISITEX, "entirely hand made like a real human hair net."  
The Medium Brown, Regular Size, Double Mesh Nylon Hair Net is still intact. 

Lorraine Hair Nets were made exclusively for F. W. Woolworth by Harry Glemby, Inc.  Print advertisements for the hair nets date back to the early 1920's.  

I stumbled upon a post by Chappell Ellison, How the Hairnet Changed American Business.  Upon acquiring Lorraine - Glemby products at a flea market, Ellison decided to find out more about Harry Glemby.  Her article provides the reader with a fascinating look at the history of hair nets, and the life and times of Glemby, and his empire.  It is a must read! 

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