Thursday, February 23, 2012

Objects Inside of Things, Things Inside of Objects

In January, the monthly theme at Haupt's Antieks was organization / storage. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a few pics.  I love the use of  various 'old' things to store collections of objects.

Hang on...I see some wooden clothes pins standing
at attention inside a wooden cheese box.
I'm reeling with envy at this display!
Spools of thread inside an old metal colander.

Another metal colander holds wooden ABC blocks

I can spell creative!
Scrabble pieces on a metal tray & inside a strainer.
More letters inside metal!

They've got your number, and mine too!
Wooden box of numbers.

An old metal basket full of alphabet blocks!

I clucked when I saw this display!
Tiny glass jars are loaded into a wicker basket.

What cued me to spy an enamel bowl full of billiard balls?

Would you have taken any of these things home with you?  


  1. Hi Jayne,
    Thanks for visiting me! I've just "followed" you. I try to follow Mn Bloggers! When I first started selling at Antiques I had a bookcase...and now we have a huge booth! Lookout! You'll have to let me know your location so I can see if there are any treasures that must come home with me!
    Love Haupt's sales! I haven't been for awhile. The house is still overloaded with totes! Do you ever go to The Gathering of Friends? It's coming up!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Just realized that I haven't replied to your comment on this post Deb (We've connected on other posts). Wow...from bookcase to a huge booth! What was the time frame for moving up to a larger space? I have my shelf since April 15, and I've been gradually getting sales. I'm also setting my sights on selling at Sophie Joe's Emporium (St. Paul), and am on the waiting list for a small floor space. I'm really enjoying this line on work (or should I say FUN?).

      Hope you're well, and enjoying the Spring!