Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Stop to the Antique Shop

I only had a few minutes to browse Haupt's Antiek Market yesterday. A couple of thinks at this 'occasional market' caught my eye.
Take a look at this awesome mirror!
Loads of playful things glued on it:
ABC blocks, doll house furniture, dolls,
a pack of Dick Tracy (the movie) trading cards,
cars and trucks, animals.  It was selling for $95-
Didn't realize that I caught the
reflection of an unsuspecting shopper.
Hope she found some great items to take home!

I'm drawn to mini campers, and I'm not shy about pulling over the van to take photos of  them. Even with the cracked wheel, this birdhouse is darling.  So, if the chick-a-dees are a rockin', don't come a knockin'! Haha!  

This retro plaid cooler was going for $22-
It would make a great accessory for my 2003
yellow and black  Mini Cooper (Bumble Bee Coop)!

Vintage Cake Tin, $15.  I wonder if there is an old cake inside?

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  1. Do you know where the fabric came from on the ice bucket? I have a vintage seating group covered in the same plaid...