Monday, February 20, 2012

Switching Things Up!

Happy Presidents Day, dear people!

It's been a longtime since I've posted (August 2011), and I'm trying to get inspired again! Just spent a day and a half updating the look and feel of things here, and hoping that what you see is pleasing to the eye!  
Here are two blog headers I've used in the past.  I got them from Shabby Blogs, a great team of talented ladies, who offer the "Hottest Blog Couture Around!"  If you haven't already, you need to check it out.  The backgrounds and accessories are so dang pretty, and would you believe that everything on the site is FREE!  

For both headers, I used to customize them.
(Thanks Shabby Blogs for the tutorial.)
 I chose ephemera from my own collection.

Photographs from my various treasure hunting 
trips were used to make the new header.  

Thank you to Sarah at Clover Lane for offering a very useful (and easy) tutorial on making a blog banner with Picasa.

In addition to the face lift, I'm planning on changing the scope of this lil' old blog of mine.  When I first started out in April 2009, my focus was on sharing " ...the numerous things I've accumulated through the years: new and secondhand purchases, handed down treasures, souvenirs and mementos - as well as junk I continue to find for our home, or to add to my various collections (ephemera, brooches and buttons, and books, to name to few)."  

I will, of course, continue to share all of my junk with you; along with some new content:
  • ART / PHOTOGRAPHY - I'm not the same person I was three years ago (who in the world is?).  I've always appreciated art, and have come to realize that I'm an artsy person.  I am especially interested in altered art, college and mixed media art. I've amassed a nice collection of arts & crafts books over the past few years.  Photography, scrapbooking & card making are other areas of interest.  
  • ADOPTION - particularly older child adoption issues.  My hubby and I are adoptive parents of five children.  Lots of blessings & challenges along the way!
  • TREASURE HUNTING - have been doing this for and garage sales, antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets!  I'll be sharing my adventures with you! Fun, fun, fun!!
  • BAKING - don't do it nearly enough, but love, love, love it!!  I simply adore chocolate!  Look for upcoming recipes!
  • VINTAGE MAGAZINE ADS & ARTICLES - I just love pouring through old publications.  It is especially a big hoot to see advertisements that are geared towards women.  We've come along way baby!   
  • ANTIQUE DEALING - making plans to rent a booth at a local antique market.  Looking forward to writing about this new adventure!  Stay tuned!
  • HUMOR - We all need a good laugh now and then!

Wow!  Sure seems like a tall order to fill!  I've been an on again, off again blogger these past few years, but I'm making a commitment to  rock out this blogspot!  So come along with me, and let's have fun!

ONE LAST NOTE: This project, like me, is a work in progress. I'm open to suggestions and criticism. 

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