Friday, May 18, 2012

Tuesday Garage Sale Haul

I've been using various apps on the iPad 2 to help me locate sales. I was surprised to find a 'preview' sale in Rosemount, MN on Tuesday.  You see, the city's community-wide garage sales are this weekend, and the sellers decided to jump start their sale by having a preview on Tuesday.

The iPad apps are become favorite tools for weeding out the good (interesting & jam-packed with vintage treats) sales from the bad (in my view ~ sales with a lot of baby junk.  No offense meant, but I'm not at that stage anymore; plus I am forever searching for home decor, items for my various collections and items for resale.) Now, about these apps...I'll have to review some at a later time.

Anyway... here are the goodies I accumulated at this early-in-the-week sale! Take a look!!

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