Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writing for 'Button Floozies' Blog

Our cat, Jules, helping me sort buttons! 

A few months back I came across a terrific blog about buttons...BUTTON FLOOZIES.  Although I've been accumulating buttons over the past few years, I have only recently become enamored with them.

Collecting these small objects is a BIG deal to many ~ as evidenced by the number of button clubs, button shows and button books that exist.  Another telling sign is the number of followers the Button Floozies Blog has ~ 988 as of this writing. While some button enthusiasts collect, trade and display their treasures; others are drawn to the endless crafting opportunities buttons provide.

When you get a chance, please stop by the Button Floozies Blog. "Laurie, the owner of the blog, described it this way: It is devoted to buttons and the women who love them. For many of us, button love began when played with our mothers' and grandmothers' button tins as children and has grown through the years. The Button Floozies blog is written by many contributors; they are listed below under the heading 'Button Floozies.' Whether you collect, or just admire, all things tiny and fabulous, join us as we show our treasures, and the things of beauty we create with buttons!" 

I am pleased to announce that I have answered the call for additional writers, and I am now an official 'floozy.' I will be writing posts at least once a month, so please stop by!


  1. Well done Jayne with your first article for Button Floozies. I look forward to seeing more of your views on this favourite subject.
    Best wishes
    One I Made Esrlier Today

    1. Howdy Lynn ~ Thanks for the kudos! I'm looking forward to learning more about buttons, especially identification of them. I wouldn't know a Bakelite button if it hit me in the face. Ha Ha!

      I stopped by your lovely blog today...following it too! Love the Charlie and Lola things!

      Enjoy your weekend!