Saturday, June 02, 2012

What is Ephemera?

~ Ephemera is ~ 

Everyday documents & other types of paper intended 
to be discarded after one-time or short-term use. 

Did you catch the word discarded?  Yes, certain written and printed matter should be tossed after they fulfill a specific need or purpose ~ NOT retained and preserved!  Yet, we humans are a sentimental bunch, and over time we have retained a great deal of paper items.  

Ephemera is highly collectible, and fun and interesting (in my opinion).  The novice would surely do well with choosing ephemera for a collection.  Ephemera is rather affordable and easy to come by. 

Many forms of ephemera exist: advertisements, bank checks, baseball cards, bookmarks, bookplates, business cards, cameo stamps, catalogs, cigar box labels and bands, greeting cards, letters, magazines, maps, matchbook covers, menus, newspapers, pamphlets, paper dolls, photographs, postage stamps, postcards, programs, sheet music, stock certificates, tickets, trade cards, valentines. This is not a complete list, but it gives you a fairly good idea of the types of paper one can collect.

Seeking information about ephemera?  A great starting place is the website of The Ephemera Society of America.

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