Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Gone, But Not Forgotten

Howdy Readers ~

I am well aware of the fact that I haven't posted since June 4th (sorry about that, friends).  Parenting five children, ranging in age from eight to 19, certainly keeps us on our toes. It truly was a busy summer - with a few milestones reached, several birthdays and graduations celebrated, and home improvements made.  

This summer I also spent considerable time building up, managing and storing an inventory for my antiques, collectibles and vintage business.  I found a lot of great merch - so much stuff that my hubby made me rent a storage unit!  As you may recall from previous posts, I am renting a shelf at Antiques Minnesota, in Burnsville MN (Vendor # 359JL).  I have my name in at another antiques mall in St. Paul. I am also gearing up to sell vintage books and other goods on Storenvy. More on that later.
Our eldest graduated from high school in June. Although we live in the 'burbs, the graduation ceremony was held in downtown Minneapolis. While the Grad was required to take the school bus into the city, the rest of us rode the light rail, and enjoyed dinner downtown. A few weeks later we celebrated the occasion with a backyard party. Chipotle was served, along with smiles!   

I celebrated another milestone in June - my 50th birthday. I wasn't expecting to do anything other than have a birthday dinner with my husband and kids, but it turns out that my hubby had a surprise up his sleeve. To set the birthday is the day after our wedding anniversary (22 years together). On the day of our anniversary my husband told me he wanted to go out for a few drinks and appetizers. I wasn't thrilled about going because I felt sluggish the entire day. I was ok with just enjoying a romantic evening at home. After some arm-twisting I agreed to go.  

Now here's the good part - as I was heading out the front door I was very surprised to see another vehicle in our driveway...a stretch limo! What?? I couldn't believe it! The doors popped open to reveal some of our dear friends inside! My hubby had arranged to have the limo take all of us to a restaurant in Minneapolis. I was totally blown away! It was amusing to hear about how my husband orchestrated the whole event. He usually gets frustrated with planning surprises for me because I've ruined a few in the past (I've shook a few Christmas packages in my day, to reveal the contents). Anyway...I was completely surprised, and we had a blast! Thank you, honey!

This summer was packed with a number of other graduation parties and birthday dinners, and quite honestly, I've gained a few extra pounds. I've enjoyed every bite of yummy food, but I'll pay for it when I get back to the gym.

Our kitchen has been in need of improvements for quite a while. In July new laminate flooring was installed in the kitchen and entryway, and a few of the kitchen cabinets were reconfigured. New countertop, sink, backsplash, and lighting; along with fresh paint are on deck for the near future.

Well that's it in a nutshell (or two)!  I hope I didn't irritate you with such a long post!  Enjoy September!

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  1. HAPPY
    ~~ 50th~~
    What a great surprise!!!
    I would Love to see the kitchen makeover!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you on the 29th!
    Went to Junk Bonanza today and bought just a few smalls.