Friday, October 19, 2012

Greeting Card: Black Memorabilia Birthday Card

Is I is or Is I Ain't
Wishin' yo' a
Today I'm sharing a vintage birthday card. Based on the inscription (no publishing information was provided on back) it appears to be over 70 years old ~ 1940). The card features an African American child, in what would be considered a stereotypical caricature. [Despite that fact, I like the image.  The baby is cute, with a lovely smile and bright eyes. The pink, blue, yellow and gray colors are a nice contrast to the little black face. Please don't give me any flack about this comment. I mean no offense. I collect ephemera because I love the vintage art and graphics.]

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Today, Black Memorabilia is sought after by many collectors. Since I'm not very knowledgeable about this area of collecting, I have searched Google for some background on Black Memorabilia or Black Americana, as it is sometimes referred to. Here are links to some resources / articles I found.  Pay particular attention to the last two links, as they offer insight into the views on Black Ephemera in the UK, Europe and worldwide: 

Black Memorabilia, Should You Collect? - By Barbara Crews, Collectibles Guide - 

Living with Black Americana: Collecting African-American Memorabilia - By Pamela Wiggins, Antiques Guide - 

Collecting African-American Ephemera - From The Ephemera Society of America

Patrick Vernon OBE: The Problem of Black Ephemera - From renowned British cultural historian, Patrick Vernon, who spoke at the event called Black Ephemera-Depictions of People of African Descent (Centre for Ephemera Studies at Reading University).

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