Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inventory Control

Dealer 359JL - First Three Shelves, Oct. 2012

Happy Mid-October! It's been a while since I've posted photos of my dealer space at Antiques Minnesota. As you can tell by the pics, I'm quite taken with vintage kitchen stuff. I can surely get tempted to keep things, and so I have to constantly remind myself that I'm gathering up all this merch to resell.

Dealer 359JL - Last Three Shelves, Oct. 2012
It's been fun going treasure hunting these past months. With the help of an iPad app I can keep abreast of local estate and moving sales. I also keep my eye out for church sales, which generally have some good bargains. There are plenty of thrift stores throughout the Twin Cities to keep me busy too. 

Now, there is a 'not-so-fun' part of being a dealer...inventory control. It didn't take long for my house to get overloaded with all those fabulous finds! Initially our dining room was the dumping spot. Then we relocated all of the stuff to our master bedroom, which is rather large. My husband gave me a large utility shelf and a white wicker dresser to use for storage. Problem solved, right? Well, not quite! As I continued to hunt and gather treasures, the living room became the drop off point. I assured my husband that I'd move the boxes and bags up to our bedroom just as soon as I could. Yeah, right! I just kept adding to the piles. 

Currently things are much better (for now). I've rented an outdoor storage locker for all of the out-of-season items and the bigger pieces I've acquired (I hope to eventually have a larger dealer space). Our bedroom is still used for the business, and I've managed to have "a place for everything, and everything in its place!" Whew!

Would love to hear from other business owners. How do you handle your inventory?

Have a wonderful day, and happy hunting!


"Earlier, while stopped at a traffic light, I watched as leaves scurried across the road. On the radio Lena Horn was singing "Night and Day," and I spied five or six leaves swirling around, keeping rhythm to the music. I suppose it was one last dance..."

One of my high school friends told me that I was very poetic! Haha!  

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  1. Hi Jayne,
    I noticed right away when I was in last week that your "space" looked Great and FULL! I was tempted to buy a few things from you..... LOL!!
    Since we have a walkout rambler, it is our "office, storage room, shipping room, etc"!
    I'm trying to get it back into a family room! We have a fireplace that you can't see because totes and boxes are in front of it! Oh well!!!
    I'm sorry that you couldn't make it to the gathering last month!!!
    Take care!