Thursday, January 17, 2013

Altered Book: Heart Throb, Part 1

I'm not much of an artist, but here is a book I've started to alter in 2011.  It is a 1905 book entitled HEART THROBS: THE OLD SCRAP BOOK. 

I was sold on this book because of the
cover. Based on the title, I thought the book
contained a collection of gushy romance stories.
The book contains prose and verse, which was chosen by more than 50,000 Americans, in a contest held by National Magazine 1904-1905. Readers were asked to contribute pieces which they considered 'real heart throbs' ~ those things that make us kin, those things that will endure. These could be clippings, a story, an anecdote, or a selection that has touched their heart. If chosen for inclusion in the book, the contributor/reader would receive one of the 840 copies of the book published. This is one of those copies.

I was a newbie when I started this book.
I have since learned that it is best to glue a
few pages together. Preparing the pages with
Gesso would have been a good idea too...
I started off my project by altering the frontispiece (left) and the title page (right). A frontispiece is a decorative illustration facing a book's title page. The decorative illustration in this book is a picture of Abraham Lincoln.

If you look closely, you can see the image of Lincoln underneath the vellum flower. At the beginning of the project I removed a number of pages to thin out the book for altering. I found Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on one of the pages, and decided it would be apropos to paste the words here (with a little twist). 

I didn't intend to alter Lincoln's face, but I got to 'happy' with the
Glimmer Mist! The pages warped because I didn't prep the pages first.
I want my book to be interactive, so I created a flap. The observer opens the flap to find Honest Abe behind it. I wonder if Mary Todd Lincoln every called him a heart throb? Haha!

I've altered a few more pages in the book, so watch out for Part 2.

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