Friday, January 11, 2013

Thrift Haul: Furniture and Questions

Happy Friday! Today's post features photos of used furniture that I've snagged from our local Goodwill store over the past few weeks.  My storage locker is starting to fill up with a number of treasures to recycle / repurpose. They will be housed there as I continue to search for venues to resell the bigger items I find along the way.

This Curule type chair was reupolstered.
Can't make out what is stenciled on the
backside of the seat cushion. 

I continue to rent shelf space at Antiques Minnesota (AM), which has been a great way to cut my teeth in the business, but I'm gearing up for other possible opportunities. Getting a nice size booth at AM is just not possible due to the cost of monthly rent. I've been seriously thinking about going the 'occasional sale' route, which would be awesome, since I'd be able to also sell handmade goods, and items that are not necessarily antique, vintage or collectible.
Lovely vintage blonde dresser from Harmony House.
Yet I wonder about the nature of the occasional sale. There is usually a new theme each month, which I love, but it seems intimidating to me, because I'd need to insure that I had a nice offering of refinished accent pieces and furnishings (among other things). Would I be creative enough? As a busy mom of five, could I possibly meet the monthly demands?  
Dinette Chair from Virtue Brother of California.
And then too, I think about other ways to resell large items...Craigslist? Krrb? Sure, I could do either of those, but it doesn't seem as sexy! I'd miss out on the whole merchandising and displaying of stuff, which goes along with antique malls, occasional sales, and the like. Arrrgggg!! What is a gal to do?

Anyone struggling with the same thoughts?  I would love to hear from you!

Time to party! I'm linking up over at Junkin Joe (The Cottage Market) and Everything But the Kitchen Sink (A Little Knick Knack). Sit back, relax, read  and enjoy!


  1. Hi Jayne!
    Thanks so much for popping by - I love connecting with other Junkin Joe partiers! I hear you sister! I have some bigger pieces piling up, and definitely can't commit to a time-frame for their makeovers. I am currently not selling anything, but it is a goal I have on my radar. Have't figured out the perfect model yet, but am keeping my eyes, ears and options open!!!

    1. I'm glad you stopped by, Sheila! It is a riot that we enjoy hunting and gathering all of the good 'junk,' but it is truly a pain to house everything, and to make time for makeovers! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! :)

  2. So glad you dropped by to see us and so happy you are making new friends over at Junkin Joe!!! Hope to see you again soon : ) You should contact Tatter and Fray...I think she can shine a lot of light for you!!! : ) hugs...