Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wall Art Wednesday: Rag Doll Prints

Just a quick post today for WALL ART WEDNESDAY...

Black Raggedy Ann & Andy Wall Plaques

A few weeks ago while shopping at Unique Thrift Store, I happened upon these vintage Black Raggedy Ann & Andy wall plaques. They are lithographs on pressed wood, and are by Lyn (Stapco, NY). I'm guessing they are from the 1970's. They feature the rag dolls tending to their cute! These were also made in a white (with red hair, of course) version too. 

As you can tell by the photos, I could have gotten these for $4.94 each. I only had a moment to look them over, and my initial thought was to pass because they appeared to have water stains, nicks and scratches. This evening I searched online for more information, and I discovered close to a dozen listings on eBay. Funny thing is...those being offered online are not much better, condition wise. Hopefully they found a new home!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Awh, wish i could find some close to home. Im here in Tn. Had these paintings in my room from birth til college. Sadly my parents home burnt down several years ago and these were destroyed.

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