Thursday, November 05, 2015

Paper Dolls: Melrose Place

I was a huge fan of the original Melrose Place television series (1992 - 1999). Sometime during the shows run a fan magazine was published. I can't recall the publisher's name, or the number of issues that were published. 

The issue I purchased included paper dolls for three of the characters: Jake Hanson, Amanda Woodward and Billy Campbell. I remember reading the magazine from cover to cover, and afterwards cutting out the dolls, clothing and character profiles. Every piece was glued to construction paper before I began cutting. I still have these paper dolls.

A recent discovery on Pinterest has provided me with knowledge that additional paper dolls were featured in at least one other issue. This pin is of one page from the "Special Melrose Place Issue," which includes a paper doll, outfit and profile for Sydney Andrews. The same page also features text boxes with character profiles for: Alison Parker, Jane Mancini and Jo Reynolds.

The following images were compiled a few years ago. Obviously I can't (and don't) claim the copyright for the original magazine graphics and content. I scanned the images and framed them out.

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